Plus size bridesmaid gown with sleeves

As a plus size woman and having been a bridesmaid as well, I soon found out that I would not be comfortable wearing just about anything that might be appealing to the eye. Why?  It was simply because when I tried, the look was different and to be honest not all that flattering.

Then I discovered that instead of feeling depressed by my figure and the results of my search, I could use a few observations to help me out in looking for the perfect plus size dress. What did I do next? Well I analyzed the big picture and discovered what have become some helpful tips.

The first tip is to figure out which color suits you the best, especially if the bride-to-be happens to be flexible. If not, there is often a particular shade that may suit you better than another one. A darker color is often more flattering to your figure. In the event that even this possibility happens to be unavailable, you can choose a style especially if there is only one or two persons filling in this important position.  

For example, you may prefer to wear a plus size bridesmaid gown with sleeves if you are like me and uncomfortable about showing off your arms. Or may be you get chilled easily. If it is during a colder time of the year, it may simply be the perfect option.

Take into account the messages from your body. For example, choose a comfortable and breathable fabric. It is always preferable to use something that requires easy care as many accidental situations may occur during this event.

Look for a pattern that will flatter your figure instead of
emphasizing certain areas. Plain colors, small patterns or narrow vertical lines are more flattering than bigger patterns, horizontal or diagonal lines.

Select a dress that will fit you well, that is to your liking and has a reasonable price tag attached to it. Choose wisely instead of picking something because of the lack of selection!

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